Chocolate Creal Bar Line

Advanced technology and versatility of this Chocolate Cereal Bar Line makes it a highly-effective production line. This is available in unique design for carrying out different activities from mixing, forming, vertical cutting, cooling, longitudinal slitting, pre-bottoming to chocolate coating. It is available with enormous flexibility to develop single and multi-layer products. In addition to this, an additional layer of caramel, fruits or any other filling can also be produced. Its modern design ensures the development of food-grade bars in different cuts and shapes from rectangles to squares with different cross-sectioned areas. It is available with direct feed from the cooking plant that needs no interim cooling. The design also comes with gentle moulding feature having no pressure that does not change the weight, designs and structure of the mass.

Features of Chocolate Cereal Bar Line :-

  • Easy and swift changeover between the products.
  • Ideal to pre-form the first layer of cereal with infeed table.
  • Calibrate the cereal slab to the necessary thickness and width.
  • Profile the calibrated slab into differently shaped cross-sections.
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CSM Chocolate cereal bar production line

Price: 10000.00 - 12000.00 USD ($)/Set

CSM Chocolate Cereal Bar Production Line is utilized for manufacturing nutrient, energy, cereal, dry fruit, assorted, and grain bars. It has adjustable processing speed of making about 50 to 200 kilogram per hour as desired by the user. This production line is comprised of a mixer, heated buffer tank, sprinkling assembly, cooling tunnel, stirrer, and a coater. It is highly flexible, sturdy, user friendly, and agile in nature.

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Price: 10000.00 - 12000.00 USD ($)/Set

CSM-Y Oats Chocolate Production Line is required for manufacturing different flavors and types of bars including energy, cereal, muesli, & nutrient. It consists of a mixing assembly, heater, cooling tunnel, sprinkling system, conveyor, spreader, coater, and cutter. This instrument is capable of producing around 8 to 10 templates per minute which can also be customized according to the requirement of user. It makes products having uniform taste and consistency throughout the batch.


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