Candy Packaging & Wrapping Machine
Not only kids, but adults love to eat candies. One of the most essential things that attracts the consumer to any product is its packaging. Taking this aspect into consideration, we offer Candy Wrapping and Packaging Machine to the manufacturers to help them achieve the desired appearance of the product.
Chocolate Machine
Eating chocolates does not need any reason, season or occasion. It is the most loved eatable by people of all age groups. This being the reason, we vend an array of Chocolate Machines to help the manufacturers of chocolate in producing quality, hygienic and the dreamy chocolates. Deepening upon the requirement, the mentioned array is available in variety of specifications to make chocolates of different shapes and sizes.
Baking Machines & Equipment
When it comes to produce quality and delectable bakery goods, our offered range of Baking Machines and Equipment is the ultimate answer to all the questions of pastry chefs and bakers in achieving the aforesaid goods. With our mentioned collection, not only professionals but home cooks can also fulfill all their baking requirements.
Popping Boba Machine
Our offered array of Popping Boba Machines is available in plenty of specifications to help boba makers in making top quality boba without making much efforts. These machines are capable of producing different flavors and colors to meet the diverse market demands. With the help of the mentioned machines, one can produce delicious popping boba within no time.
Chocolate Conche
Chocolate Conche are used for promoting flavor using frictional heat and release of acids and volatiles. With the help of our offered range of conche one can evenly distribute the cocoa butter within the chocolate. The rendered array also act as the polisher that can be availed in different designs as per the requirement.
Chocolate Ball Mill Machine
Our offered array of Chocolate Ball Mill Machine finds usage for milling and grinding of chocolate paste. The mentioned machines use friction and collision between the steel balls to enhance its taste and consistency till it reaches the desired state. These machines are composed of a jacketed water heating system to ensure the effectiveness.
Chocolate Enrobing Line
We render the best chocolate coating solutions to fulfill the diverse needs of food industry. Discover the exceptional energy saving technology with Chocolate Enrobing Line that enhances the quality of production by minimizing the wastage of energy. The offered range provides incomparable solutions for coating the chocolates of different shapes, regardless of their size.
Chocolate Coating Pan
Chocolate Coating Pans are widely used for coating chocolate sauce or paste over plenty of eatables like hazelnuts, puffed rice, almonds and more. Moreover, this range of pans can also find usage for other products that may require a little coating of chocolates. These pans shows high flexibility and versatility by allowing the user to regulate the rotational speed of the entire system.
Chocolate Tempering Machine
Looking for the easiest and hygienic method for producing delicious and quality chocolates? Avail the best Chocolate Tempering Machines for melting the chocolates so that right crystalline structures can be obtained. The offered range easily pre-crystallises the cocoa butter within the chocolates. Once the aforesaid process is done, then the molten chocolate is ready to be processed.
Chocolate Pump
Pumping products like milk, white or dark chocolate is the great way of transporting liquids from one location to the other. Taking this aspect into consideration, we offer a range of Chocolate Pump that is especially designed to pump the media with higher viscosity like cocoa liquor, chocolate, cocoa butter and various other sugar products.
Chocolate Holding Tank
With the proven technology, our selection of Chocolate Holding Tank guaranties to offer bakers the result they desire for their production. This range ensures less wastage of ingredients, resulting in saving production costs. The offered array is especially designed to handle liquids with both lower and higher viscosity including chocolate, syrup, caramel and jam.
Chocolate Drop Depositing Line
Our offered range of Chocolate Drop Depositing Line offers an interesting variant for collecting the drops of chocolates. The mentioned array is particularly suitable for being used to decorate the the eatables with chocolate droppings. The design of the deposition line includes twin jacketed hoppers that are manufactured using stainless steel to ensure durability and reliability.
Chocolate Melting Tank
Molten chocolate plays an essential role in making different shapes of chocolates and other confectionery goods. Taking this aspect into consideration, we offer Chocolate Melting Tank that enables the baker to maintain the chocolate at a tempered state so that it can be used for making plenty of confectionery goods.
Sugar Grinding Machine
Not every food item requires crystalline sugar during its preparation. Most of the products like muffins, chocolates and more only need powdered sugar for preparing quality and great tasting food items. For this, we offer Sugar Grinding Machine that easily grinds large amount of sugar without making much efforts and within less time period.
Hollow Chocolate Forming Machine
We have an immense gamut of Hollow Chocolate Forming Machines that are widely used for preparing hollow molded articles using the principle of centrifugal for obtaining the three-dimensional contouring. Generally, each machine in our range includes 16 mold sets as, however, these can also be customized depending upon the requirement.
Candy Metal Detector
Presence of metal contaminants in the candies can be really harmful, if consumed accidentally. Keeping this aspect in mind, we offer Candy Metal Detector that detects the metal contaminants, if present in the candy. This range is useful for ensuring that only quality products are delivered at the customers' end.
Biscuit Making Machines
Biscuits are not only exciting among the children, but with the adults, as well. Be it jeera biscuits, sandwich biscuits, jam chocolate chip or any other, our offered Biscuit Machine, Biscuit Making Machines, Biscuit Making Machinery finds usage for producing plenty of kinds of biscuits within short time period. This range is a boon in the bakery industry as it helps bakers in producing delectable biscuits that can be enjoyed by the end-buyers at any time of the day.
Lollipop Machine
We offer an array of Lollipop Machines for both professional bakers and the ones who require to produce a large quantity of lollipops consuming less time. The mentioned range includes all the equipment that is required for obtaining mouth-watering and quality lollipop sticks. From cooking to packaging, everything is included within this collection of machinery.
Lab Conche
CLC lab scale chocolate conche available in 3L,5L, 10L, 20L and 50L capacities, is an ideal machine for the production of chocolate. Lab Conche is designed for producing chocolate in small batches, specifically for lab testing.
Chocolate Fountain Machine
CPQ chocolate fountain machine makes an auger style fountain of chocolate on plastic tower. The heated bowl below made of stainless steel keeps the chocolate flowing. Buyers can quickly and easily assemble four tiers.
Decorating machine
Chocolate processing industries, confectionery making industries and bakeries must be be equipped with decorating machine, in order to create designs, like strips, zig zags, swirl, and round, on products, like chocolate balls, chocolate bars, cookies, biscuits, and donuts.
Chocolate Creal Bar Line
Make chocolate cereal bars making use of this chocolate cereal bar line in steps, like mixing, forming, cooling, cutting and enrobing. This easy to operate, and reliable production line can make up to 40 moulds/min(50-200kg/h).
Mylikes Bean Line
CMLS Mylikes bean depositor creates scrumptious chocolate balls, from sugar, cocoa powder,milk powder, milk powder, etc., and then coats the balls with chocolate paste. Equip your unit with Mylikes Bean Line whose capacity is up to 30 strokes/min(50-100kg/h).
Chocolate Bean Line
Chocolate bean forming machine can be used for making chocolates in shapes, like bean, ball, heart, lentil, egg, ellipse, etc. This easy to operate and clean chocolate bean line uses cold rolling technology, and is incorporated with cold rollers, cooling system, separator, etc.
Small Moulding Machine
Small moulding machine is available in three models, CXJZ10, CXJZ30 and CXJZ60 Chocolate tempering moulding machines. These machines are suitable to carry out tempering and molding processes to produce fine chocolates in several flavors and shapes.
Lab Enrobing Line
The efficient and reliable lab enrobing line is ideal for handling all kinds of enrobing. Bakery and confectionery industry can use this enrobing line for small batch of chocolate coating. Chocolate coating can be done on any product, be it candy, biscuit or cake.
Candy Machine
Buy candy machine from us to make all kinds of candy, from caramel, fudge to nougat. We bring forward TMHT600 and THHT1000 models of this machine, that differ by their production capacity. The basic equipment integrated in machine are pre-mixer, cooker, continuous aerator, conveyor, etc.

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