Chocolate Tempering Machine

Everyone loves to eat chocolate, but not all knows its preparation process. This is being the reason, we offer an array of Chocolate Tempering Machine that may vary in weights ranging from 60 to 10,000 kilograms, depending upon the type of requirement. Such machines are an ideal choice for the low, medium and high capacities of production. Moreover, the production capacity can also be adjusted from 15 to 110% as per the demands of the client. The mentioned Chocolate Tempering Machines have the capability of producing uniform hollow good shells and free coverage. Offered array is capable of maintaining the constant temperature within the entire system.

Benefits of Chocolate Tempering Machine :-

  • Bulletined below are advantages of using the vended machine:.
  • Turbulent flow of water can be used to achieve maximum heat transfer.
  • Contraction is improved for easy demolding and cleaning.
  • Renders excellent gloss with enhanced shelf life.
  • Seed crystals can be homogeneously distributed.
Product Image (CTW500)

CTW500 Chocolate Tempering Machine

Price: 100.00 - 200.00 USD ($)/Set

CTW500 Chocolate Tempering Machine is installed in food industries and bakeries for producing hot chocolate of uniform consistency. It is used for the final process of cocoa processing to remove crystals from the butter that can be seen with the naked eye, which causes the surface of the end product to appear mottled. With the production capacity of 500 kilograms per hour, this machine can automatically control the temperature required at each stage of tempering to assure the presence of best form of crystallization.

Product Image (CTW100)

CTW100 Small Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

Price: 100.00 - 200.00 USD ($)/Set

CTW100 Small Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine is utilized for producing evenly colored, clump free, glossy, smooth, & consistent paste of hot cocoa syrup. Product received by this machine can be used for decoration, coating, moulding, & filling purpose while manufacturing of cake, pastries, biscuits, cookies, & toffees. It is constructed having a food grade steel structure with the flow capacity of 100 kilograms per hour.

Product Image (CTW10)

CTW10 Small Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

Price: 100.00 - 200.00 USD ($)/Set

CTW10 Small Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine is designed having a vertical structure stainless steel structure with side feeding system. It consists of a processing container that has the capacity of producing up to 10 kilograms of syrup per cycle. This machine works on PLC control panel & is required for crystallizing to get smooth, glossy, and evenly textured paste of hot chocolate. It is an ideal instrument for small confectionaries and cake & pastry shops.

Product Image (CTW250)

CTW250 Chocolate Tempering Machine

Price: 100.00 - 200.00 USD ($)/Set

CTW250 Chocolate Tempering Machine is required for one of the important processing step in the production of cocoa syrup. It is utilized for manufacturing evenly colored & textured, smooth, glossy, uniform consistency, & clump free hot chocolate. This machine is designed having a cuboidal structure made of stainless steel with user friendly control panel. It can produce up to 250 kilograms of product during its single cycle and also prevents waxy texture that occurs when fats separate out from cocoa.


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