Chocolate Conche

Chocolate products are loved by everyone, but its making process is hardly known to the people. In order to produce mouth-watering and quality chocolate products, we offer Chocolate Conche that allow thorough mixing, binding and processing of all the ingredients to render a smooth and luxurious texture. With the mentioned range, the confectioners can easily make large quantity of chocolate products without making much efforts. The offered array of Chocolate Conche includes a hot water jacketed tank and a heavy duty rotating shaft to ensure that each process is properly executed. Its high impact strength and resistivity against abrasion allow these conche to work effectively.

Benefits of using Chocolate Conche :
  • Allows full development of flavor so that cocoa butter is fully permeated.
  • Process of friction rounds off the particulates within the chocolate.
  • Evaporation of volatile oils and other ingredients is easily done.
  • Minimizes the content of moisture present in chocolates.


The machine is available in small size as well as based on the capacity, for instance:

  • 40L
  • 100L
  • 500L
  • 1000L
  • 2000L
  • 3000L

We can make modifications in specifications in order to make a chocolate conche machine machine available that meet the requirement of customer completely.

Chocolate Conching Process

It is a chocolate ingredients heating and mixing process that lasts for longer period. Different types of chocolates require different heating temperature. When cocoa undergo this process, the sharp taste, bitterness and acidity gradually reduces. The moisture content in the ingredients is also reduced during the process. This process really develops the delicious chocolate flavor.

Product Image (CJM1000)

1000L Chocolate Conche

Price: 7500.00 - 10000.00 USD ($)/Set

1000l Chocolate Conche is specifically designed to meet continuous high demands of food items from the customers. It is mainly used in large chocolate & food processing industries for producing finely grinded cocoa syrup of even consistency & texture. This conche is equipped with a huge mixing container that has the capacity of producing up to 1000 liters of choco paste that can later be used for multiple purposes.

Product Image (CJM20)

Small Chocolate Conche

Price: 7500.00 - 10000.00 USD ($)/Set

Small Chocolate Conche is utilized for fine grinding of cocoa powder with other ingredients including milk, sugar, taste enhancer, food grade chemicals, & dry fruits if required. It is a type of milling machine which is highly appreciated for its smooth, evenly textured & colored, clump free, and homogenous syrup. This machine consists of a mixing container installed with blades, temperature controller, rotary motor, and a pressure gauge.

Product Image (CJM100)

100L Chocolate Conche

Price: 7500.00 - 10000.00 USD ($)/Set

100l Chocolate Conche is one of the important machines required in bakeries and cookies manufacturing plants. It is a type of grinding device that is required for producing a homogenous, uniform consistency, evenly colored, and fine paste of cocoa powder with other ingredients. This instrument consists of a mixing container that can hold 100 liters of product at once and a heating system to assure proper temperature throughout the processing.

Product Image (CJM1000)

Chocolate Conching Machine

Price: 7500.00 - 10000.00 USD ($)/Set

Chocolate Conching Machine is utilized for fine grinding of cocoa powder & butter, sugar, milk, & other desired ingredients. It uses a shell like assembly for proper & even distribution of materials throughout the choco paste. This machine develops characteristic taste, aroma, mouth feel, texture, & consistency to the product. Deliciousness of syrup in this instrument is achieved through frictional heat, release of acids, and oxidation of compounds.

Product Image (CJM3000)

3000L Chocolate Conche

Price: 7500.00 - 10000.00 USD ($)/Set

3000l Chocolate Conche is a milling machine that is required for fine grinding of choco powder & cocoa butter for their uniform mixing with sugar, milk, & taste enhancers. It is required for surface scraping type mixing & agitating to uniformly distribute & polish all the fine particles contained in the syrup. This conche operates by oxidizing & releasing of volatiles using frictional heat to achieve uniform consistency, rich aroma, & mouth feel of melted chocolate.

Product Image (CJM500 )

500L Chocolate Conche

Price: 7500.00 - 10000.00 USD ($)/Set

500l Chocolate Conche is a milling machine that is required for fine grinding of cocoa granules with milk, sugar, thickening agent, taste enhancers, & preservatives if required. It is highly appreciated for its large volumetric capacity of 500 liters and uniformity of end product. This conche machine is widely used by large or medium size chocolate manufacturing plants for storing and producing choco paste that is required for moulding, decorating, and filling purpose.

Product Image (CJM2000)

2000L Chocolate Conche

Price: 7500.00 - 10000.00 USD ($)/Set

2000l Chocolate Conche is a type of cocoa butter mixer with choco syrup & other ingredients for producing a homogenous mixture. It can also act as a polisher for the mixture particles and works by promoting flavor development through the use of frictional heat, oxidation, & release of volatiles & acids. This machine has the maximum volumetric capacity of 2000 liters and is also suitable for grinding soybean flour.

Product Image (CJM40)

40L Chocolate Conche

Price: 7500.00 - 10000.00 USD ($)/Set

40l Chocolate Conche is a type of milling machine that is widely used in food processing industries and bakeries. It is required for producing smooth, glossy, finely grinded, & evenly textured chocolate syrup under ambient temperature conditions. This machine consists of an electric heater and a grinding vessel that can produce minimum 15 liter and maximum 40 liters of cocoa syrup in one run. It is also suitable for pulverizing soya flour with other desired ingredients.


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