Company Profile

SHANGHAI FUDE MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. was earlier called SHANGHAI CHUNQI MACHINERY FACTORY. Our company is associated with the Bory Industrial Group and also situated in Fengxian District, Huqiao Town Industrial Park, Shanghai. The environment there is beautiful and transportation is convenient. Our company is branded as SINOFUDE in 1988. With two decades of development as a reputed pharmaceutical and food machinery brand, our company possesses three factories, having 30 acres and 200+ employees, each. 

Over time, our company launched ISO9001 management system for the employees in 2004. Later, all the products were certified by UL, CE, and EU. Our product portfolio covers high-end production lines for bakery, confectionery, and chocolate manufacturing. Over 80% of the SHANGHAI FUDE MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.s products are exported in 60+ countries, including Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe, America, etc. 

Our Factory

With a fast development of two decades with sugar sanding machine or sugar sanding machine, our company continues to develop and innovate equipment technology and processes of bakery, confectionery, and chocolate products. Our company has also launched propelled American and European technologies alongside unmatched technological and processing levels of the pre-existing product line. 

Since 2010, SINOFUDE embraced high-tech processing methods to guarantee highest-quality of each component and its appearance. We have the following machines that help us make dimensionally accurate components with improved product performance:

CNC drilling machine

CNC gantry milling machine

CNC inclined rail lathe

CNC machining center

CNC wire cutting

CNS sawing machine

Friction welding machines

High-end laser welding

High-power laser cutting

High-tech processing equipment

Tube welding machines

Product Application

Our SINOFUDE product line is fundamentally segregated into multiple divisions, such as:

  • Chocolate division products
    • Chocolate chips machine
    • Chocolate molding equipment
    • Conche refiner
    • Double color
    • Fully automatic
    • Holding tank 
    • Melting tank
    • Sandwich chocolate production line
    • Semi-automatic
    • Single color
    • Tempering machine
  • Chocolate product Equipment
    • Chocolate coating machine
    • Chocolate coating pan
    • Oatmeal chocolate machine
  • Confectionery division
    • Automatic candy depositing line
    • Automatic candy die forming lines
    • Automatic gummy production lines
    • Automatic lollipop depositing lines
    • Automatic mixing system
    • Automatic weighing systems
    • Candy and cereal bar production line  
    • Chewing gum production line
    • Chewy candy and toffee production line
    • Fondant or toffee depositing line
    • Fully-automatic lollipop die forming line
    • Semi-automatic and automatic starch mogul lines
  • Baking Division
    • Automatic hard biscuit production line
    • Cookie production line
    • Fully-automatic soft biscuit production line
    • Mechanical cake production line
  • New Products
    • Agar konjac boba machine
    • Fully-popping boba machine
    • Semi-automatic boba machine


Our Certificates

  • CSA certificate
  • CE Certificate
  • ISO9001 Management System


Key Facts :

Business Type

Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

Primary Competitive Advantages

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable price
  • Maximum output

Year of Establishment


OEM Service Provided


Product Range :

Various Machines

Auto Weighing And Vertical Packing System

Lollipop Bunch Wrapping Machine

Automatic Chocolate Flow Wrapping Machine


Automatic Donuts Forming Machine

Model 600 Automatic Cookie Machine

BBG Automatic Multi Function Biscuit Production Line

Non-Tray Packing Machine

BJX-A 2+1 Type One Lane Biscuit Sandwiching Machine

Seeds And Nuts Roast Machine

Bread Line

Small Chocolate Molding Machine

Candy Pillow Packing Machine

Sugar Grinding Machine

Chocolate Coating Pan


Chocolate Conch

Double Twist Wrapping Machine

Chocolate Enrobing Line

Grain Stick Machine

Chocolate Molding Machine

Hot Air Rotary Oven

Coin Chocolate Wrapping Machine

Double Row Cake Machine

Inflatable Mixer Machine

Grain Stick Packing Machine

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