The secret to better chocolate making is our array of Chocolate Moulding Line. Molding chocolates using our offered selection can be a lot of fun. Our clients can opt for the one as per their requirement to ensure top quality chocolates are produced at their ends. With the modular design and compact size, the rendered Chocolate Moulding Line is an ideal choice for to be used in the food industry. This selection is highly demanded in the market because of its ability to enhance the quality and productivity while minimizing the wastage of energy.

Key Points :
  • Each molding line has been ruggedly engineered to offer top quality molds.
  • Optimizes center-to-shell ratios for achieving the best in class chocolates.
  • Eliminates production downtime, resulting in higher productivity.
  • Mold shaped, baton, bars and many more can be produced.
Why Buy Chocolate Moulding Machine Line?

Using this machine, customers, especially chocolate makers can create chocolates in all shapes and sizes. We can customize your chocolate moulding machine line, by integrating essential components based on the requirements, like chocolate type and capacity. The products that can be produced using this machine include, but not limited to bars, squares, drops, blocks or any other decorative chocolate product. The kinds of chocolate that can be made using this machine are pure chocolate, nuts mixed chocolate, wafer chocolate and center filling chocolate. The customers can buy from us chocolate moulding machine of any model specified, like CJZ275, 275A Automatic, CXJZ10, CXJZ30 and CXJZ60.

Chocolate Molds are the perfect option for molding and creating attractive chocolate designs. They are available to meet the demands of creative artists and chocolate makers for helping them make appealing chocolate designs. They are ideal to be used by candy makers, experienced chocolatiers, home hobbyists and professional manufacturers of chocolates. These molds are available in high quality and food- grade materials to provide a safe to use and inexpensive method of easily creating beautiful chocolate pieces. They are very simple to work with! Their easy to turn out as well as washing design ensures their high utility. In addition to this, they are also available in unbreakable design that ensures their long lasting life. They boast of spectacular glossy cavity as well as sheen to ensure to create masterpieces with high finishing chocolate candies.

Features of Chocolate Molds :-

  • Designed from 100% food-grade material to ensure no interference with chocolates.
  • Harmless structure with non-stick finishing.
  • More durable design with dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to clean and wash for years of safe usage.

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